Energy & Gas

ZVDA’s Energy practice focuses on two main fronts: energy litigation - with a special focus on regulatory disputes - and day-to-day business assistance to energy producers, suppliers, traders, distributors and also to service companies that support these activities.

ZVDA lawyers have been involved in the majority of complex energy regulatory disputes throughout this period of change. This background gives us in-depth knowledge in the activity of energy producers (hydro, nuclear, thermal, wind, photovoltaic and biomass sources, both state-owned and private), suppliers, traders and distributors and the intricate relationships among them. We are well skilled in price and tariff formation mechanisms and the role of regulatory bodies. We believe that the key to successful assistance is a sound understanding of our clients’ business. This is even more so in highly technical fields such as energy. Our lawyers are familiar with the issues faced by companies in the energy field and can implement innovative and effective legal solutions. ZVDA’s energy strong points:

  • vast experience in administrative complaints and litigation regarding energy regulations,
  • knowledge of wholesale energy market structure, functions and mechanisms,
  • good understanding of the business characteristics of all types of energy producers (hydro, nuclear, thermal, wind, photovoltaic and biomass) and how these characteristics influence their behaviour on the market;
  • expertize in retail market, including the specific role of suppliers of last resort;
  • tariff and price formation regulation;
  • competition issues in the energy sector.

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