Automation of legal documents’ generation, execution and management – a national premiere for Zorin Vasile Dascalescu | Attorneys

The law firm Zorin Vasile Dascalescu | Attorneys will be one of the first Romanian law firms to offer clients full advisory services related to the automation of legal documents’ generation, execution and management.

The line of business which the law firm has been developing for more than a year is seen as a tool to help legal managers and sales staff generate better, more accurate recurrent legal documents such as sales agreements, notifications, summons and other documentation. “While there is a lot of talk about automation replacing legal professionals, we see such technology as empowering knowledge workers to perform better in generating legal solutions and negotiating agreements. Smart work still needs to be done, tedious work can be automated.” said Irina Vasile, law firm partner. The law firm will help clients audit their business processes in order to identify documentation that is suited to automation; labour agreements, standard sales or service rendering agreements, lease agreements for multi-tenant buildings, termination notifications, sale-purchase agreements of agricultural lands or residential real estate are all prime targets for automation.
Business process audit > Defining scope of work > Selection of automation software > Review of legal templates > Deployment > Training
Zorin Vasile Dascalescu | Attorneys will advise on the implementation of different solutions depending on the client’s budget and scope of work, including by adapting existing business tools such as Microsoft Office to implementing integrated document generation software with the customer’s CRM software. All solutions permit the manual review and editing of resulting documentation so that terms and conditions are, ultimately, in the hands of the legal professionals. “We work alongside software developers and other specialists, however as attorneys we are best suited to select which documents are prone to automation and we can review and adapt such documents as required. By investing in flexible, scalable automation solutions our clients can reduce costs, shorten deadlines and have their legal departments focus on smart work.”

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