M&A/ Corporate

Careful planning, extensive preparations and detailed negotiations are the cornerstones of any successful M&A project. Our team provides elegant and secure transaction structures for any type of business or industry.

We can offer assistance with: initiating sale and purchase of businesses in or outside Romania ⊞ (acting both seller and buyer side in initial discussions, for drafting NDAs, clean team agreements and letters of intent, pre-transaction planning and structuring) buyer or seller due diligence ⊞ (due diligence, collection of data, establishment and operation of data rooms) transaction documents’ negotiation ⊞ (negotiating and drafting SPAs, signing on project financing and closing and post-closing adjustments and other issues) offering transactional competition law advice ⊞ (establishing clean fact-finding environment in transactions between competitors, competition council notification, advising on standstill periods and corporate governance structure as per competition law provisions) private equity ⊞ (establishing funds, incentive programmes, tax and company law matters) joint ventures ⊞ (drafting partnership/joint venture agreements and/or forming entities, drafting and structuring investment and acquisition agreements) transfer of business ⊞ (strategy and timeline for the transfer of business, draft all necessary agreements, negotiation with transferred employees and clients/suppliers) We can also offer assistance with: companies' incorporation ⊞ (drafting all legal documents necessary Trade Registry, advice on group holding structure, assistance in choosing corporate form and country of incorporation, advice on capitalization and financing / board composition and voting rights / classes and number of shares to be offered / corporate governance; assisting family owned or other closely held companies in planning and structuring successor management and ownership; corporate governance; solutions in relation to corporate vehicles) corporate changes ⊞ (drafting all legal documents necessary for registering various changes in company functioning, including change of shareholders director and manager appointments, change of headquarters, change of company legal form, change of auditors, etc.) corporate restructurings ⊞ (distressed debt trading, securities issues, financial recapitalizations, business reorganizations, acquisitions and liquidations) share capital increase/decrease ⊞ (share capital increases through cash contributions, debt-to-equity swap and in-kind contributions) mergers and spin-offs ⊞ (share capital increases through cash contributions, debt-to-equity swap and in-kind contributions) shareholders agreements and shareholders’ disputes ⊞ (shareholders’ rights, partnership/shareholder buyout, lawsuits for enforcing shareholders agreements, dissolution of the company) IPOs and stock market operations ⊞ (IPO, follow-on offerings and share capital increases, stock re-purchase and mandatory take-over, delistings)

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