Intellectual Property & Franchising

Emerging technologies, innovating enterprises and businesses shifting to a digital presence rely on the fundamentals of IP law to secure their intellectual property and avoid breaches of licensing agreements and patented technologies.

We can offer assistance with:   ⊞ trademark registration, management and protection (trademark search, portfolio search, trademark portfolio management, trademark infringement and dispute resolution, license agreements)   ⊞ patent registration/prosecution of applications (employee inventions, EPO registration, protection of software-related inventions, patent infringement and dispute resolution)   ⊞ software agreements (agreements with software developer company, end user licence agreements, collaboration agreements, development agreements)   ⊞ copyright protection (e-commerce, assignments and confidentiality agreements, illegal infringement of copyright, drafting agreements and assessing questions on copyright, mapping and administering copyright, clearance searches on competitors’ copyrights)   ⊞ design (preparing and filing of design applications, conflict handling, various agreements, portfolio management)

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